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Meet and Play Nearby Players

Create/Join Groups and Track Each Player’s Merit-based Rank

Create and Join custom tournaments with players at your skill level.

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Have you ever wondered how good you (or your office buddies) really are? Every single match played within Breakroom Battles affects the ranking of every single player in Breakroom battles - so long as at least one player has played someone in that ecosystem. This is what makes the BRB ranking unique. As you meet other BRB players and record your matches, each win/loss affects the ‘strength of schedule’ of the past players you’ve played.

For example, if you win every single game against people who generally lose, are you a better player against someone who wins every single game against people who generally win?

Probably not, but we don’t know until you actually play! Once you do, the rankings adjust, and so do the rankings of each opponent you play, and their opponents, and their opponents, etc!


If you have a groups of friends or neighbors and you want to track your games and rankings among your small group, you can do that! Simply invite them to join the group, play the matches and record them! Within the group you can also challenge a player to match and record games easily.

Find Nearby Players

Want to find table tennis players near you? You can do so during your lunch break, on weekends, or anytime you want to meet to play a game or games to improve your ranking! Each player has a feedback ranking so you can see who you are playing before you go. You can meet in their office setting, at a rec center, a table tennis club, a home, or anywhere you feel comfortable. We encourage all to leave feedback after a match so the game remains respectfully competitive, safe, and fun! You do not need to own a table to download BreakRoom Battles, you just need to have access to one. Luckily there are plenty of places that have access like your office, rec centers, clubs, and/or your opponent(s)!


Create and join tournaments of 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256. Nothing brings a sense of fun and competition like a tournament!


See how the employees at work rank and challenge them as well! They don’t need to be in your groups, but you can challenge them on your lunch break and have a friendly competition at work going!


Earn badges and streaks by playing and improving your game, playing tournaments, beating high-ranking opponents, check your month-to-month rank change, and more!

Our Story

This app was created because I kept getting DESTROYED in the office ping pong matches by this guy Jake at work. So I practiced as much as possible. I recorded my games on video, posted one to Reddit, and I got my game ROASTED. In their comments they said my form was bad, my footwork was bad, my grip was ‘weird,’ everything. They also said I needed a coach.

I got a coach, and that helped tremendously. I joined a tournament (got second-to-last place) and had a great time! Since then, I have beaten Jake once . . . (so far.)

I also researched rankings and how to measure my performance - I wanted to know how good (or bad) I actually was, so I researched what ranking systems actually measured merit-based skill. My findings were true - I was near the bottom of the skill pile, but my desire to improve my game just increased. I wanted to play table tennis all the time! And in order to improve, I needed to meet people near me. As it turns out tables are everywhere, people want to play, and EVERYONE has an office or other table-tennis nemesis they want to defeat!

Welcome to Breakroom Battles.

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